Make your brand a content creator

TikTok has taken influencer marketing to a whole new level. Every month, over 500 million users are consuming content and interacting with their favorite influencers.

It has sparked the interest of brands who want to become ‘content creators’ on TikTok and develop a much more cost-effective acquisition channel.

Far from being just a hobby, content creation is a great way to generate income, especially on a popular platform like TikTok.

There are many companies creating videos and reaching millions of fans.

Next experienced a 1,000% increase in new account sign-ups with Tiktok TopView.

Moreover, the brand yielded the lowest Cost per Account Registration (CPR) during the period – 50% lower than the monthly average. These numbers have been historically the highest and the lowest registered in one day for Next.

The remarketing campaign was responsible for more than 70% of all registrations during the period and is still being maintained to deliver the best performance for the bank with the lowest CPR.

As one of the most popular social media, TikTok is catching the attention of many companies not only as users but as content creators.

Many companies are interested in becoming a TikTok creator but not all of them know how to start or develop an effective marketing strategy.

If you need a solution for your company to become a content creator on TikTok, at Viplink Inc. we use technology and storytelling to create content campaigns with influencers on a scale.

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