Reasons to Use Nano Influencers in Your Marketing Strategy

Who said influencer marketing just means content creators with millions of followers? On the opposite side of social media celebrities, we can find nano influencers: Creators with a considerably smaller number of followers but with a Very Attractive dynamic for brands.

The concept of ‘influencer’ has to do with the ability to influence someone, and these creators are influencing their small but engaged audience. And if this marketing strategy brings positive results, brands will follow!

3 reasons brands are working with Nano Influencers:

  • 1. Nano influencers are authentic and close to their audience.

These content creators feel like ‘ordinary people’. Since they’re not celebrities or popular influencers, they feel like they’re following a friend. These creators interact a lot with their followers and earn their trust.

These small-scale influencers are less likely to retouch their photos or use glamorous filters and sets, which makes them look authentic and honest.

Nano influencers try to keep in touch with their audiences, which is very attractive for brands willing to reach this audience.

  • 2. These influencers belong to a niche and their audience is segmented.

Nano influencers tend to post about specific topics, which means their audience is segmented. Creators and followers share interests like fashion, food, games or travel, for example.

As nano-influencers belong to a sub-niche, they are more likely to be careful with the products they advertise, which is another reason why their audience trusts them.

Always remember that the higher the follower count, the less targeted it will be. In the case of nano influencers, their audience is well segmented due to their “small” number of followers.

  • 3. Nano influencers are cost effective and offer a great return on investment.

When comparing investments with the benefits of working with nano influencers, brands realize that nano influencers are profitable because they deliver great results considering the limited budget, which is reflected in better ROI (Return on Investment) rates.

And if that wasn’t enough, these content creators don’t have their profile saturated with other brand collaborations, which would help you stand out as there aren’t as many possibilities for them to collaborate with your brand’s competitors before.

What are you waiting for to implement a nano influencer marketing strategy?

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