The secret to a successful influencer campaign.

When choosing a content creator for a TikTok marketing campaign, going after influencers with millions of followers is not necessarily the best choice. In fact, micro influencers are dominating the social media platform thanks to their limited number of followers.

Think of it like this: the smaller the audience, the greater the possibilities of keeping them engaged. It also means they are aligned with the micro-influencer’s interests and specialized content.

It obviously appeals to brands and is one of the main reasons why micro-influencers are taking over TikTok.

TikTok influencer categories by number of followers

Nano influencer – 5K – 50K followers

50K Micro Influencer

Mid-Level Influencers
 – 150k – 750k followers

Macro influencers 750 thousand
 – 2.5 million followers

Celebrities with over 
2.5 million followers

Why your brand should collaborate with micro influencers

Micro-influencers offer several benefits for brands. Firstly, they can be very effective for TikTok influencer marketing campaigns, especially when your target is GenZ.

These content creators can help you increase your reach and brand awareness, increase engagement, and even convert users into customers.

Since they have less followers than a macro or celebrity influencer, their rates are also lower. Micro influencers are cost-effective because they offer great engagement rates for a lower price.

One thing to consider is that you shouldn’t replace a celebrity influencer with a micro influencer. Instead, you should develop a strategy with multiple micro-influencers to have an integrated audience approach.

The cost can be even less than a celebrity.

Micro-influencers may also be more open to trying products than other creators with a higher follower count. And since they haven’t collaborated as much with other brands, it’s relatively easier to find a creator who hasn’t worked with your competitors or similar brands.

Finally, Generation Z likes to support entrepreneurs and small businesses, including micro influencers.

The key is to find micro-influencers that match your brand’s goals and values

and develop an integrated marketing strategy. But how to do it?

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