A TikTok feature that brands rarely exploit and that makes a total difference

If you are a company or creator on TikTok, then you must have noticed the relevance of sounds. Far from just background noise, these jingles and tunes have become a trend!
It doesn’t matter if you share a dance, lip sync, or tutorial video, you should always include sounds.

One of the main reasons to use them is because they command attention. Instead of endless silent scrolling, it seems TikTok has found the key to keeping audiences engaged: turning sound into a relevant piece of content.

One of the insights is that audio makes TikTok different from other platforms: nine out of ten people found sound to be key to the TikTok experience, and users also described sound on TikTok as almost twice as fun when compared to other social media.

A TikTok feature that brands rarely exploit and that makes a total difference

How brands can leverage TikTok sounds

Business accounts serve a different purpose on TikTok, which also means access to various marketing tools and insights. And the same thing happens with music.

As we mentioned, brands can benefit from the Commercial Music Library available on TikTok. This library offers a variety of music that companies can use without committing copyright infringement..

But if that’s not enough and you’re a brand willing to use a specific song for an ad or content, you can contact the record label and get your own licensing deal for music clips.

Companies can also leverage the sounds they have and create narratives around their corporate jingle, for example. In this way, they are turning their audio into an in-app promotional tool.

Finally, brands can create new TikTok children and share voiceover tutorials, reviews, and even new music compositions. Creativity has no limits! You just need to define your objective, what you are going to use and the content with it.

That said, don’t forget that using a TikTok sound is just one of many ways to increase your chances of getting your video featured on the For You page. Using a trending song does not guarantee that you will go viral with a TikTok video.

Having a solid marketing strategy, knowing your audience and their language, as well as producing quality content and including TikTok sounds is what it takes to develop an effective marketing channel for your business through TikTok.

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