Why should your company use Viplink Inc. for your Influencer Marketing campaign?

As TikTok’s popularity grows, so does interest from brands willing to join the app.

Companies have found an opportunity to connect with the public and content creators are key in this scenario, where TikTok influencer marketing companies also stand out.
Businesses can reach influencers on their own through a variety of channels, but will face a number of challenges:

  • Very high fee rates at agencies;
  • No replies on social media DMs;
  • Hiring a marketing team;

But, TikTok influencer marketing is not just matchmaking between brands and creators. It requires a strategy, tons of research and hard work.

So, instead of doing it yourself or hiring a super expensive and bureaucratic marketing agency, do a campaign with Viplink Inc. and leave all the work to us.

Create your campaign at scale with hundreds of creators on Tiktok, see our services:

Target and Go:

Define your briefing, rules and target in a campaign with full control over the creators and participating influencers and reach your performance goals.

Always-On Campaigns:

Always campaign management high-performance assets. All our technology and team multidisciplinary team at your service.

Creator Challenge:

Run a one-off campaign with more than a hundred creators and influencers in the TikTok and Instagram, and reach lots of fans

Content Generation

Content generated by users ready to be used every day brand profiles

What are you waiting for to boost your TikTok influencer marketing strategy? Tap the button below and schedule a call with an expert 😉

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