3 Benefits of using influencer marketing in your business

With over a billion monthly active users, TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. And thanks to its huge audience, many brands are joining the app.

Is your business aware of TikTok marketing basics?

We separate 3 main benefits for your company to start using Influencer Marketing on Tiktok today:

1. Build and increase brand recognition

Half of TikTok’s audience sees the platform as a place to discover something new: 58% of its users take advantage of the platform to research/learn more about new products or brands.

TikTok is one of the biggest social media sites to build your brand presence.

If you develop a TikTok marketing strategy and follow it consistently, you will likely end up establishing your brand voice and building an engaged community.

So what are you waiting for to put your brand in the spotlight?

2. Engage with the audience.

TikTok users are driven by the joy and love of connecting with brands. The platform offers multiple ways to interact with users, which include: duets, brand hashtag challenges, brand effects, comments and likes.

When creating a TikTok marketing strategy for a brand, remember that attention needs to be reciprocated. You want people’s attention, but you also need to take care of them and show them some love through your awesome content.

Instead of just building customers, you should be focusing on building a community! That way, you can turn your account into a place where your audience gathers and shares their brand experiences with you!

3. Drive Sales.

As new ways to consume content and buy products emerge, traditional perspectives on things like marketing or conversion funnels are changing.

TikTok discovered that the path from retail to purchase is not linear, but an endless loop around discovery, consideration, participation, review and purchase. According to a study by Material, 48% of TikTok users discovered something on the platform and immediately purchased it at least once in the past year!

Keep this in mind when developing your strategy, as the TikTok marketing process can work differently than expected.

The more you know how it works, the more advantages you can take from it!

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