Important TikTok Updates for Creators

TikTok has recently released a ton of new updates that are changing what kind of content you should be creating, how long your content should be, and a bunch of other factors.

Even the words you should put in your content will affect how many views you’ll be able to generate and how many followers you’ll reach.

 Many creators have already been affected by this, some have been experiencing more views than usual but most are not getting the normal amount of followers as before because of this change.

With the new updates, there are three things you need to be aware of in the length of your videos:

  • Contents of 5-11 seconds (100% retention)
  • Contents of 21-34 seconds (80% retention)
  • Contents of 55-60 seconds (60% retention or less)

Yes, this is about how big your videos should be, but how do you know which type of post deserves the first, second or third position? How do I know what will work for my niche?

We know that the size of your video is related to the type of content and the niche, but these adjustments must be carefully analyzed so that you can reach more people:


WatchTime is related to how long your content is consumed, this is what we call Retention. Just like any other platform, if you don’t reach TikTok’s metrics, your video will have fewer views and your reach will be reduced.

This relates directly to the duration table. In videos with 5-11 seconds duration, the retention rate is 100%, but what does that mean?

This percentage shows which videos can become viral!

This information is invaluable in knowing how to tailor your content so that it has wider reach than you have experienced before. Use the platform to your advantage.

The key point in order to reach your numbers and keep posting your content is to segment your content into 3 categories:

Fast and assertive videos:

Knowing your niche is key to this step. Know what goes viral in your category, quick videos that make the user re-watch, for whatever reason.

 Medium videos:

This format is the most used on the platform. It is common to produce videos of this size, you can use your imagination to create whatever you want here.

Long Vídeos:

 Videos of this length are usually niche products, such as podcast clips, informational videos, or perhaps series montages. For this format, it is strongly recommended that you do an analysis of which Hashtags to use, words in the caption and all other tools available on TikTok. After all, the Watch Time percentage is less than 60%

We hope you use this information to your advantage to continue growing and developing your projects as efficiently as possible.

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