VIPLINK Video branded content is a powerful tool for brands 🚀

The +1bn connected users on our content network are key for brands to build emotional connection with viewers, build brand awareness, and establish a strong identity. 

Our video branded content, businesses can showcase their products and services, explain how their company works, and even address customer complaints. is an innovative platform that helps businesses create, distribute, and measure the success of their video branded content. It allows businesses to easily create campaigns, track performance metrics, and optimize campaigns for maximum impact. provides advanced analytics, so businesses can make informed decisions about their video content. 

And the best part! Brands only pay for verified views. No more hoping to get results.🤘

Finally,’s algorithms help businesses earn more by increasing their visibility and driving their engagement rates higher in an organic way. 

Take advantage to boost the reach and visibility of your brand, contact us to see how to tell this story with influencers paying only for performance 🔥

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